Transmission Rebuild

Pay attention to the way your vehicle feels and how your transmission sounds, feels, smells. Buzzing, grinding, and other strange noises, acceleration issues, and odd smells, are good indicators that your transmission needs to be serviced. Schedule service for a top-to-bottom evaluation to be sure. 

Signs That Your Vehicle Requires Transmission Repairs 

Though gradual, there are a number of signs that your transmission is failing. Turn to the experts at Alltech Transmissions & Auto Repair  for transmission repairs if you notice any of the following:

• Fluid Leaks • Grinding between Gears • Dragging Clutch

• Transmission Warning Light• Transmission Switching Gear for No   Apparent Reason • Delay before Vehicle Engages into   Drive & Moves Forward • Burning Odor • Jerking When Shifting Gears

• Check Engine Light • Burnt or Cloudy Transmission Fluid

• Unusual Noises, like Whining, Clunking,   or Humming

• Transmission Refusing to Change   Gears or Shifts Aren't Smooth

Repairs Rebuild or Replace 

Many vehicle owners think that replacements are the only option. Few consider the benefits of a rebuild, and instead, pay the high price for a replacement. Visit our transmission rebuild company, and we will help you to determine if a rebuild is the right option for you.

Benefits include:

• Shorter Repair Time - Replacements can take a week or longer. Rebuilds can be done in a matter of days.
• Lower Cost - Rebuids can help you save money. They're usually half the cost of a full replacement. 
• Fewer Materials - A transmission rebuild technician will only repair the damaged or worn parts, resulting in additional savings.

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